Sarena Hess
It's something that everyone talks about but how do we Actually get it? And how do we keep it? 

It is my #1 Priority to teach women how to create real and LASTING confidence in their lives. 

so they can pursue the greatness that is calling them forward in their business, family, and lives.

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Hi I'm Sarena Hess...
I am a Confidence Coach for women. I know that there are women all over the world, with brilliant ideas and goals waiting to come to life. My goal is to equip you and teach you the skills of learning confidence so that they can fearlessly pursue their dreams, goals, or ideas. Welcome to my world and I cannot wait to meet you!
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You've worked hard to get to where you are.

You've been going about your life business as usual when all of the sudden this new opportunity, or thing popped up. And you have to deal with it but you feel overwhelmed and don't know what to do. 

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The Confidence Workshop
The Confidence Workshop is a female exclusive workshop. 1 Night with the greatest minds in Bakersfield. 
This is for: 
- The girl who has been putting herself on the back burner for far too long.
- The Entrepreneur who has built their dream business and needs a push.
 - The dreamer who hasn't created the business yet but is constantly thinking about what they will create.  
- Mom's who struggle with self image and valuing the hard work they do every day.
The Confidence Course
How To Finally Take Charge Of Your Confidence
Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and defeated by life? Or like you're never good enough to get what you want? Click the button for more info. 
Women For Greatness Podcast

Over 55 Episodes

Welcome to the Women For Greatness Podcast, where we share inspiring interviews and stories WITH women and FOR women to be empowered to pursue their goals in life.

5 Star Reviews: 

“W.O.W. 👏🏻 You will be a changed woman after listening to these podcasts! Sarena does not shy from telling it like it is, and the world needs more of that! You will not get “sugar-coating” from her; you will get honestly and loving encouragement! You go, girl! Keep living BIG!❤️” -Audreydeee

“Absolutely obsessed I am so grateful I had the opportunity to listen to Sarena and her guests speak on a vast array of topics that are inspiring and awakening. This podcast has something special for each woman out there and you will receive what you’ve needed that you didn’t know you actually needed. I couldn’t recommend this podcast enough! Great work Sarena! 🙌🏻“ -TatianaMercedez


 Episode 35  Jorie Caneta

Episode 30 Alex Centomo

Episode 17 Kaylee Garber

What People Are Saying:
The Confidence Course
"I was reading all these books, but I just needed help realizing my limiting beliefs with my confidence. I can't stop talking to my friends about it. This Course is a formula for getting you what you want." 
- Sophia Kenton

"I was feeling really stuck and having a lot of fear about pushing boundaries. But what the Confidence Course did for me was get me through a really rough time and season of my life. 

It just made me want to keep going.  It kept me grounded and kept me focused on my goals." 
- Emily Hernandez, CA

" Before the Course I seriously lacked confidence. I just recently started a photography business. And I don't know where I would have been if I hadn't learned this." 

- Kayla Irene 
“I can’t tell you how life changing that coaching call was. I only had a short time to prepare for a big audition. And I felt so overwhelmed and I had so much to do. 

The things you taught me to prepare for that audition helped me so much with my mindset and I walked into it with more confidence.”
- Sarah O'Brian

Free Resources:
Workbook: Rebuilding Confidence After A Break Up.
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